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Toddler Mitts

It’s not right that my boy is a toddler.  It’s just plain wrong.  What happened to my baby

Alas, a toddler he is, and toddlers need mitts with thumbs. 

Toddlers like to scoop snow and eat it.

Toddlers like to help shovel the driveway.

Toddlers like to clean off the car.

Toddlers like to push and pull the sled.

When you’re a toddler, most outdoor activities require the use of thumbs. Since I had some yummy red yarn sitting around unused, I figured that I’d give knitting a pair of mittens–with thumbs–a try. I’ve been wanting to knit a pair for myself, so I thought the best place to start would be with a smaller version.

Thumbs aren’t so hard. I’m finding that to be true of most of my knitting hang-ups. Circular needles? Awesome! Kitchener stitch? Fabulous. Attaching arms to a sweater? Piece of cake. Knitting mittens with thumbs? No problem.

(Truth be told, and I think I’ve mentioned this before, I rely heavily on YouTube when I don’t know how to do something. YouTube video tutorials are amazing. I highly recommend them.)

In the spirit of full disclosure, I will also divulge the fact that, in my first attempt, I knit the thumb inside-out.  I knew it would happen, because once I picked up my thumb stitches, the mitten was underneath the needles. But it seemed so awkward for it to be above the needles! I went on knitting the thumb inside-out, figuring I’d just leave it that way, because who was going to notice? It might even look “decorative.” However, I ended up with a large hole in the thumb as well, and I just could not stand for that. Out came the thumb stitches, and I knit it properly the second time. Such is the life of a recovering perfectionist.

I do think I’m ready to move on to my own mittens, which is a project that’s actually on my list. I think I’m going to use the Bella’s Mittens pattern. They’re long and lovely, and I think the gorgeous pink yarn that I picked up on a whim at my LYS will be perfect for the project.


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Coming Along

I’m slowly but surely chugging along on that list of mine.

The problem, of course, is that there are other things, things that didn’t make it onto the list, or things that I just didn’t think of at the time, that have found their way onto my WIP pile. Hmm.

There are several list projects in progress, but this is the one I’m most excited about.

I finished my twin-sized flannel quilt top! I used a fat quarter stack of Anna Maria Horner’s Folksy Flannels. That fabric stack has been on my wish list for quite some time, and I finally received it for Valentine’s Day! I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it (since I had been expecting it as a Christmas gift, which is a story for another time–and perhaps another blog :-)), and I cut right in.

The photos aren’t the best–the day was gorgeous, but windy. My husband was a trooper, holding the quilt top as high as he could, his arms out as far as they would stretch.  By the time I realized I was shooting in RAW, and I don’t have RAW editing capabilities at the moment, his arms were about to fall off. 

Now I just need to find some backing fabric and some binding and I’ll be all set to quilt. Woo hoo!

I have several other WIPs and completed projects (some actually from the list!) to share soon. Here’s a sneak peek:

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